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Table 10 Effect of fungal inoculation on the yield attributes of wheat

From: Multifarious functional traits of free-living rhizospheric fungi, with special reference to Aspergillus spp. isolated from North Indian soil, and their inoculation effect on plant growth

  Shoot weight Fresh (g) Shoot weight Dry (g) Shoot length (cm) Leaf no. Spikelet number/Ear Ear number Grain no./Ear 1000 seeds weight (g) Grain yield/plant Protein content (%)
 Control 12.9h* 5.2g 71.9e 27f 49e 4c 32g 33.5f 7.8j 10.8g
 NPK 26.4cd 8.9b 86.8b 34d 67c 6a 53cd 53.5b 12.8de 15.5bc
 NPK + Aspergillus niger 30.2b 9.4b 92.2ab 38b 74ab 6a 59b 60.3a 17.4b 16.8ab
 NPK + Penicillium sp-03. 25.5de 8.3cd 85.8bc 35cd 68c 6a 51de 54.6b 13.1d 14.6cd
 NPK + Rhizopus oryzae 20.2f 7.6e 82.5cd 34d 63d 6a 48ef 51.3bc 10.7gh 13.9de
Aspergillus niger 24.1e 8.0d 86.7b 35c 65c 5b 52d 52.6b 12.6ef 14.1d
Penicillium sp-03. 19.5f 6.9f 78.3de 33de 61d 5b 47f 47.8cd 10.2h 12.7ef
Rhizopus oryzae 15.8g 5.8g 73.3e 32e 59d 6a 46f 41.6e 8.9i 11.6fg
Aspergillus niger + Penicillium sp-03. 28.2c 8.8bc 87.9b 37bc 69bc 6a 56bc 54.9b 15.3c 15.9b
Aspergillus niger + Rhizopus oryzae 24.3e 7.7de 82.6c 34d 64cd 5b 52d 51.6b 13.8d 14.9c
Penicillium sp-03 + Rhizopus oryzae 19.5f 7.1ef 78.9d 34d 62d 4c 49e 46.5d 11.6fg 12.7e
Aspergillus niger + Penicillium sp-03 + Rhizopus oryzae 34.2a 10.7a 97.5a 42e 79a 6a 66a 64.3a 19.7a 17.9a
LSD at 5% 1.90 0.626 6.49 2.67 5.05 0.424 3.98 4.00 1.03 1.35
  1. * Means in columns followed by different superscript letters are significantly different at P < 0.05 as determined by Duncan’s multiple range test